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Daryne Joshua , director, “Noem My Skollie”, “Ellen”, South Africa
Christophe Rolin, co-director of movie “Dem Dem”, winner of AfryKamera 2017, Belgium
Karolina Stankiewicz, film critic, Poland
Adam Warzyszynski , festival organiser, short film promoter, our resident Jury member, Poland
SPECIAL MENTION (400 EUR – funded by the Warsaw Town Council) :
LODGERS, director KENI OGUNLOLA (Nigeria)
For an audacious attempt to touch upon a difficult subject matter with humor and some distance. Eloquent, appealing and a promising addition to the challenging genre of comedy.
JURY AWARD (800 EUR – funded by the Warsaw Town Council):
IMFURA, director SAMUEL ISHIMWE (Rwanda)
For a superb juxtaposition of an observational film with a feature. A touching, subtle story about identity and heritage in a divided Rwanda. Powerful, modest and quiet, just as the main protagonist. An immense talent to watch for the future.

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