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eCinema’Live is an award-winning, independent film and television production company located by the 02 Arena, London. We provide and create rich television and film content for all but with clear focus on BAME & Minority Ethnic audiences all over the world.

We believe in the uniqueness and beauty of diversity and let this permeate throughout our works. We are also a major player in the world’s 2nd largest film industry popularly referred to as Nollywood.

If you are an exceptionally talented film director or producer and most essentially, if you have a few good works to show, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

One Family: Teamwork

We are all about collaboration. We cherish the uniqueness and individuality that every colleague brings because it drives us that little step further and sets us apart.

World Class

We are committed to developing and creating amazing drama and film. Our skilled and disciplined crew members along with world-class equipment and production studios allow us to create the best film and drama we can.